Saturday, January 31, 2009

William Allen Walters - WWI

Yes, Daddy was in the army in WWI.  He didn’t get overseas because the war was over before he was through training.  His brothers, Charlie and Robert and cousin Watson (I think) did get overseas.  (Many years after he was gone Mama was able to get a pension for the children left at home because of his service.  This helped a lot.  She was left with 6 children at home when he died of pneumonia.  Inez had already graduated from high school and gone to Houston to secretarial school.  She had to drop out and go to work full time after Daddy died in 1940.)

Also not only did Julia and I graduate from college, so did Hollis and Ralph.  How Mama was able to provide funds, I’ll never know.  I know they did some work during and between semesters but she probably had to provide some also.


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