Saturday, January 31, 2009

Schwab City, Texas 1931

This picture is of the school in Schwab City, Texas 1931


A Big Chief tablet and a number 2 pencil
A pair of scissors and a box of Crayons
Was all that you needed to start school

A biscuit sandwich in a used syrup bucket
Sometimes a home made cookie for a treat
On rare occasions a half of an apple or orange

Pack a hole in a biscuit and fill it full of syrup
Or maybe a cold, left over, baked sweet potato
Whatever we could find for an after school snack

There are a few chores to do out in the country
Feed the chickens, gather the eggs, slop the hogs
Milk the cow, work in the garden, bring in firewood

A fireplace in one room and kitchen stove in another
On a cold winter’s night you ran to get in bed
You woke up quickly when bare feet hit cold floor

Summer times were not any better for sleeping
Raise all the windows and hope for a good breeze
Misquito netting would add to the misery of the heat

Abraham Lincoln studied by the light of a fire
We did a little better with light from a coal oil lamp
No wonder that home work was so hard to get done

Poem by Hollis Walters - 06 Sep 2002

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  1. Conrad can you email me a copy of the schwab city school grandpa Roscoe Probaly would be in this photo he was about 10 years old...also his brothers and sister.

    Your distant cousin Patty Munson...sorry it's been so long since we have emailed